Social Media Education (aka This City Never Sleeps, But I Do)

Okay, since this blog is new, I’m not really feeling like I’m letting my readers down because, frankly, I’ve not been around long enough to have any.

However, to my non-existent readers, I’m sorry for letting a few days go by without a post.

I’m freelancing now and that means I’m working, a lot.  The goal has been to hit a certain milestone and, I think, I’ve hit it. Therefore, I’m giving myself a bit of time to breathe and to write.

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On the social media front, this is good news!

I’m a part of the Social Media Education Connection group on  I joined because I’ve encountered one too many snake oil salesmen touting their “guru”-level knowledge about Twitter or Facebook when they’ve only been the sites for a week or two.  It’s easy to do because a lot of people are just now trying this stuff out. I just don’t like seeing people get conned.

Also, more important than the scams, however, is the fact that there is simply a need to share this knowledge.  Personally, I find myself doing informal summaries about what social media is all about with families, friends and colleagues.  People are curious.  People are seeing the value of it.  It’s shifting control back to the consumer and away from marketers.  That’s exciting.

It creates a need to learn what it’s all about.  You can’t effectively converse if you don’t know the language.  I’d say this group is an attempt to find the best ways to teach this new language.

I don’t claim to know it all.  I’ve got a Six Pixels of Separation podcast running right now. I’m constantly seeking to learn and keep up, but there are some basics. As someone who has taught for awhile, making sure people learn interests me.

To that end, if you’re in education or interested in social media education jump in and contribute.  Click the link above and join the conversation.

Also, the Twitter hashtag* for the group: #SMCEDU.


Twitter 101 – “hashtag” is a search term used to organize tweets on a topic and makes them easier to find.


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