Twitter Tools, Volume 1

toolsI’ve actually be working behind the scenes helping a couple of businesses with their Twitter streams and writing both for them and for myself. Needless to say, I’ve been busy.

However, I wanted to share a few Twitter tools I discovered over the past week.

Maybe some will work for you!

  • TrueTwit: I love this tool because spam on Twitter is pretty out of control. True Twit helps you regulate it by sending automatic verifications to people who follow you.  It’s not perfect.  If the spammer is a real person like an MLM marketer they’ll get through, but this tool does block the bots. That means I don’t have to spend time doing it.
  • Tweet O’Clock: This one I’ve used a few times.  It basically analyzes a Twitter stream and gives you the best time to connect with someone.  I know that I’m actively tweeting for only certain times in the day.  I don’t miss @replies or direct messages because I use Seesmic.  However, for those not using Seesmic or Tweedeck, @replies or direct messages can simply be missed. Tweet O’Clock helps because if that @reply shows up when the person is online, they’re more likely to see it.
  • TwitResponse: Want to schedule tweets in advance? Try TwitResponse.  They’re in beta.
  • TwitterCal: Never use Google Calendar? I rarely do.  However, with TwitterCal you can send direct messages to Google Calendar to update it.
  • TwitterFeed: You blog? You can set up TwitterFeed to update various social media sites when you write a new post.
  • Tweet Effect: Lost a chunk of followers? Curious as to why? Tweet Effect gives you info on followers you’ve gained and lost.  It also tracks gains and losses per tweet.  The thing is I’ve used it and it seems to have some bugs.  But, in general, it gives you some interesting feedback.

I’ll post more tools that I find later, but this is a start.  I hope you find some of these tools useful.


2 Responses to Twitter Tools, Volume 1

  1. Ross says:

    TwitResponse is a great little program 🙂 I wrote a review here:

    I believe the creator is selling it though?


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