Too funny – Google Toolbar – Most Visited

most visited

I mostly use Firefox, and when I hit ctrl+T to open up a new window tab, I get the Google Toolbar window.  It now tells you which pages you visit most often and also notes the last few pages you’ve bookmarked.  Honestly, I’ve not really been paying any attention to it.  But today I stopped to read the page.

What’s funny is it abbreviated one of the pages I’d booked marked.  So I did a double take when it showed me that I’d bookmarked a page titled, “10 Great Tools for Tracking Men”…huh? I mean I’m single, but I’m not that desperate.  At least, not yet.


The page is actually titled 10 Great Tools for Tracking Mentions of Your Brand Across the Web.



2 Responses to Too funny – Google Toolbar – Most Visited

  1. David says:

    hey have u guys seen any toolbars that r funny lately?

  2. Regina Walton says:

    Actually, nope…I’ve not seen any toolbars that are meant to be funny. It’s like this situation where it’s not supposed to be funny but because of something unforeseen it’s amusing.

    If you see any, let me know.

    And BTW, no guys here, in fact it’s just me and I’m a woman 😉

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