Addicted to Twitter? How About TwitterPeek!

Are you just addicted to Twitter? Well, if so, maybe TwitterPeek is for you! This is the world’s first dedicated Twitter device.  What “dedicated” means is it only sends and receives tweets.


Um, what?!!!

Okay, I’ve got to say this is probably the most underwhelming product I’ve heard about in awhile. I just love Twitter now that there are a ton of people on it. I joined in 2007.

However, I’m a Blackberry-carrying, ÜberTwitter-addicted, multifunction sort of gal. I’m the person sitting on the bus reading through her tweets, laughing and replying.  It’s better than dealing with the surly mass of humanity that lives in Manhattan. Also, using Twitter while commuting is usually both informative and entertaining because I follow some pretty smart and funny people.

However, a device that only sends and receives tweets?  I’m not too sure about that. One of the things I do a lot is move on to the link sent in a tweet. If you’re using TwitterPeek, you can do that. Also, it only only allows one Twitter account. Um…okay. (Details taken from TwitterPeek’s FAQ page.)

The TwitterPeek folks base their theory that there is a market for this on the Rapleaf’s study that says 65% of tweets are sent from the web.  From that, they conclude that most people are “stuck” using Twitter on the web.

But, but, but…wait! I’m NOT stuck. I’ve got Seesmic Desktop, a free-standing Twitter client, or PowerTwitter, a web-based Twitter client, running when I’m working on my computer, and that’s pretty much all of the time. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a smart phone. It simply means that I’m more likely to tweet when I’m taking a break from work than when I’m sitting in a taxi.  Usually, if I’m in a taxi, I’ve got Google Maps up and running. There has got to be more numbers and research that show a need for a product like TwitterPeek.

The device costs $99, and that includes 6 months of free service.  After that, it’s $7.95 a month or $199 for lifetime service.

That’s another question – is Twitter the IT service for the rest of our lives or in a couple of years will something else have taken its place? (Just the fact that I posed that question should tell you my answer.)

I just don’t know about this one.  I wish them luck (and, hell, by posting this, I’m spreading the word for them.) We’ll see if it takes off.  I know I just don’t have a need for something this basic.

Check out this video of Engadget’s Joshua Topolsky on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Joshua demos the TwittePeek for Fallon and his audience. Their laughter seems to indicate that they’re thinking the same thing I am about this one.  However, maybe there is a demographic out there that really does need this.  If you’re one of those people, I’m glad to have shared this info with you.  Now get yourself to and happy tweeting!


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