Social Media Predictions for 2010 from

Here is a good presentation by the folks over at TrendsSpotting: TrendsSpotting’s 2010 Social Media Influencers – Trend Predictions in 140 Characters

Like last year, they’ve asked a group of social media professionals and influencers to give their predictions on what will happen with social media in 2010.

I’ve also written about this for The Next Wave site and will update with a link once it’s up.  However, it’s relevant to my little corner of the social media world, so here it is:

What interesting are the comments at the end of the TrendsSpotting post.

  1. The trends predicted for next year aren’t that different from last year:  “Across many of these predictions, we have identified the following trends suggested to influence 2010 Social Media: Mobile, Location, Transparency, Measurement, ROI, Privacy.”
  2. Not much has changed in the predictions, “Reflecting on 2009 predictions – not much has changed in expectations.”
  3. Also, 2009 fell short of the lofty predictions of last year, “We conclude that 2009 did not meet its expectations.”

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