Sloppy Social Media (Well, really, sloppy blogging)

Honestly, I’m getting a bit tired of the constant stream of opinions delivered to me via social media these days. I know that, while I’m tired of it, it’s not going to stop. I also know that I can just choose to stop reading it. I also realize that there is an irony to even making this a blog post. I’m contributing to the noise that I’m complaining about.

What’s inspiring me is the sloppiness of it all.

There is this pressure to spew info out there on a constant basis. I really think that something has to give because a lot of it is simply noise. It’s this mad scramble to be the first to get the most Facebook mentions, retweets, Diggs, Stumbles, etc. It sounds hauntingly like newspapers way back when fighting to break the story first. Breaking a story can still be a great thing, but news is so ubiquitous now that it’s being rewritten or simply reposted on hundreds of websites within hours if not minutes.

It’s just rare to see some truly thoughtful work and thoughtful perspectives. I’d prefer to see more of that.

What is irking me is quality or, more accurately, a lack of quality. I know that went I’m in a rush to hit the “publish” button the quality of my work suffers. I like to give myself time to check my facts, check my spelling and grammar, dig for more information and see if there is another angle.

What inspired this?

I was reading yet another article on the Facebook privacy mess. There was nothing new to what this blogger wrote. I then get to the end and there was just a glaring typo. I know it happened simply because the pressure to publish fast is huge. The writer would have caught it had she just put the piece aside and come back to it. The problem is when you’re writing for a blog with a news slant, the pressure is on to hit publish quickly.

I won’t link to the post because it’s not that blog post per se that’s irked me. It’s seeing that sort of careless error come up over and over that irks me. The trade off of this great technology is just a lot of bad writing and flimsy reporting going on.

I don’t think anything will slow it down. I just hope that the quality work rises to the top and gets found so that I don’t have to suffer through too much crap.

7 Responses to Sloppy Social Media (Well, really, sloppy blogging)

  1. Dear Regina,

    This is so true! I am only on Lookeville for a couple of weeks now and it is tough to find yourself fighting that bad mannerism, poor grammar and race for points without giving any value to those readers out there that look for guidance. There is a young woman with cancer that shows outfits with a headscarf and asks for opinions. The rudeness from certain people is unbelievable. They wack her down with such negative answers that it is very obvious they didn’t even read her profile at all, let alone check her blog or website…
    Yet those poor manner persons make it to the top quick that I am contemplating to throw in the towel, but as you say, something has to give so the quality work rises to the top. Wish search engines would find the errors and weed them out by putting them at the bottom… That would be great!

    Compliments for writing this!

    Greetings from Georgia/USA


  2. Regina Walton says:

    It’s part of the game. I just try to ignore it now because, unfortunately, it’s so common.

  3. Doris says:

    I visited your website Lookville and although I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into, I did notice a lot of rough comments. The website invites the followers to express opinions and comments, however, it is always expected to be done with professionalism and kindness. I was shocked at one of the followers who states being a fashion consultant, at how curt he was to you. I wouldn’t hire his services ever, even if he was to believed to be the best. Integrity comes first.

    Regina, thanks for your reflection.


  4. Paula says:

    Regina! Remember me, from Dear Paula and The Hearth?

    Glenn posted the link to your Seth Godin interview on the Mantel, and it was super to see you and hear your voice. And I see you’re living in NYC now! I’m still in the ‘burbs, so it would be pretty easy to get together for lunch, if you’d like to. I understand if you’d rather not, though, truly. I often think twice before taking an online friendship offline, and haven’t done it very much.

    Please don’t post this little note. Hope to hear from you and catch up.


    • Regina Walton says:

      I’ve been procrastinating firing this blog back up. However, with a password reset, here I am.

      We were supposed to meetup in January. Whatever happened with that? 😉 I’m glad you found me!

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