Social Media IS NOT Magic

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I’ve just found a lot of people who seem to think that social media is some mysterious and magical thing. That sentiment has inspired me to fire this blog back up.

As someone who works in this very fun field, I get that a lot. I get this will current clients. I get this with possible clients. I also just see it a lot in passing.

The social web is not magic. It’s something that humans have done forever: communicate. I just HATE seeing requests like this:

I am seeking someone who is an expert at this who can take my (whatever it is but redacted because this is a quote) and work your magic.

Look. It’s NOT magic, and, honestly, as much as I love the thought-leaders in this space, we’re all learning as we go. I’m not going to call any of them experts. This is all new and even the people who have expertise are learning and adapting to new tools and resources that are constantly being launched.

It takes knowledge of the tools. It takes knowing how to use them. It takes strategy. It takes trying, measuring, and adjusting, as needed. It takes reading case studies. It takes reading on what people are doing. I’ll also admit it takes sharing what you’re doing (and, yes, I’ve been neglecting that; building a business is HARD.)

However, most important is that a successful social media strategy takes also having GREAT products and/or GREAT content that helps people solve their problems or engages people on an emotional level.

(*Also, before someone wanders in to say people are just using “magic” and similar terms as a figure of speech or play on words and they understand that it takes knowledge and strategy, I’ll agree that maybe that’s the case, for some. However, a lot of people do seem to then there is some mysterious alchemy going on, and that’s not true.)

2 Responses to Social Media IS NOT Magic

  1. Dear Regina,

    So glad to see you’re back at it! We should NOT throw in the towel but at least activate this social media issue with all its aspects. It is annoying to see all sorts of people out there. Those that act like sharks, spamming us with all kind of promises, as you stated so well, for working magic. Success is nothing but HARD work! Nothing comes easy and a good thing that eventually comes from perseverance and dedication, never is an ‘instant’ thing to be gathered.
    Have a great week and greetings from Georgia,

    Mariette’s Back to Basics

  2. Regina Walton says:

    Thanks for the welcome back! I’ve been hard at work building my business and simply didn’t have a lot of time to blog.

    I do think that, you’re right, part of the problem are people selling it like it’s magic. Then more level and, honestly, responsible heads have to deal with the people who treat it as if it’s magic. I warn people all the time about social media hucksters who really are selling quick fixes and maybe what’s the social media equivalent to black hat SEO: apps and services where you pay for followers and users.

    It’s not magic. Like anything else like a slick PR pitch or a successful marketing campaign, it takes planning and a bit of good luck.

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