Keeping Technology Simple: August 1, 2011

Photo courtesy of Choconancy, Nancy White, on Flickr.

I was the featured guest on Keeping Technology Simple yesterday. The subtitle for yesterday’s episode was “What’s Your Social Media Strategy?”.

It was fun because Jim Blue interviewed me before. It was good to touch base with someone who talked to me about social media when I was a brand new freelancer vs. now when I’m freelancer who is about two years in.

We talked about a few things. We talked about why I set up my business, what’s changed in the last year, what criteria I use to take on clients, how to learn about the social web and blogging. It’s a short interview, around 30 minutes.

Here it is, so take a listen: Keeping Technology Simple: What is Your Social Media Strategy?


2 Responses to Keeping Technology Simple: August 1, 2011

  1. Dearest Regina,

    Good for you! Hope you will have success and such a radio interview with Jim Blue is of course helpful! You sounded bubbly. My goodness, look at the figures of FB having gone to 700,000,000 users from 500,000,000! That is mind boggling.
    Wishing you all the best,


  2. Regina Walton says:

    Thanks! I’m really loquatious, so talking is never a difficult thing for me. Also, Jim interviewed me before, so I was very comfortable. 🙂

    Yeah, the scale of people on social media is probably the main reason I’m able to work for myself. Businesses realize there are just a lot of people out there to reach and connect with.

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