Just funny: Jimmy Fallon doing a Neil Young Cover of Pants on the Ground


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Here is link to my post of the original on The Next Web’s Shareables site: The Best Rap Ever: Pants on the Ground

Oh no! Facebook Goes After Seppukoo!

For me, this is more funny than bothersome.  However, I guess if you’re Facebook then hearing about a service that lets people ritually kill off their accounts is something you want to discourage.

It’s so bad that Facebook has issued a cease and desist letter to the folks at Seppukoo.

Here is the info from the Seppukoo homepage:

Seppukoo.com is under attack
Les Liens Invisibles wants to inform everyone that on Dec. 16th, Facebook inc., after it has blocked any attempt of seppukoo from this website and has blocked/deleted all seppukoo.com information into the whole facebook network, has now threatened legal action against us in order to stop the suicide pandemic.Curiously, Facebook lawyers appeal to the user right to privacy to annihilate our facebook unsubscribe service.

The Seppukoo.com staff rejects every false pretence about phishing or malitious use of personal datas and pubblically invites Facebook’s developers to meet us and see in first person what kind of informations we save and how we care of them.

Les Liens Invisibles is now considering all the possibilities to come back ASAP. Thanks to all the people who are supporting us in this moment.

Read the full cease & desist from Facebook.

Updates (Dec. 22nd): “The “Les liens invisibles” group will delete all of the information on the http://www.seppukoo.com website only if the owners of such information request it, but not if facebook does so.”

Read the full reply.

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Here is a video that they’ve provided that walks you through deactivating your account on your own.

However, that’s probably not as satisfying as a ritual suicide. Plus, with using Seppukoo their  “how to” page says you can reactivate your account, “3. reactivate your Facebook account just logging again to Facebook (boo!!!).”  If you can reactivate, what’s the rukus about?

This is the first I’d heard of Seppukoo, so I hope Facebook realizes they’re giving this site press.  I also hope that they don’t decide to go after the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine simply because it cracks me up. Check this out from their FAQs:

What shall I do after I’ve killed myself with the web2.0 suicide machine?

Try calling some friends, take a walk in a park or buy a bottle of wine and start enjoying your real life again. Some Social Suiciders reported that their lives has improved by an approximate average of 25%. Don’t worry, if you feel empty right after you committed suicide. This is a normal reaction which will slowly fade away within the first 24-72 hours.

Social media suicide should be a choice!

Update: January 4, 2010 – Alex over at The Next Web, where I also write, published a post about this. Yep, Facebook has also gone after The Web 2.0 Suicide Machine.

That’s just crappy.

Here is a link to that post: Facebook Bans Ye Olde Web 2.0 Suicide Machine – No Account Killing For You

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