Next week is going to be busy: a class and a webinar!

Linkedin Centipedes at 2010 Bay to Breakers.

I have two things coming up next week and decided to share them here!

On Tuesday, I’ll teach a class on LinkedIn for business.

On Thursday, I’ll lead Lunch & Learn Teleseminar: Social Media 101 With Regina Walton – Sponsored by FCN & NAGC.

I’m just excited for both. Check them out!

Now I have to get some lesson and presentation planning in.

Photo courtesy of smi23le on Flickr.

Google Wave Reject

Okay, I’m not. I’m just not a developer and they don’t need the hoi polloi contributing their non-tech critiques just yet. They seem to be getting enough flak from the developers: Killing Something Before It Even Begins

However, I went to the Google Wave site tonight, saw that and literally thought “noooooooooooo!” I’m anxious to try it. Of course, I’d have to be working with other geeky types who also had access. I still have friends who take weeks to check their email accounts.

Here is a screen shot of what I saw.

Google Wave

Okay, I’ve shared.  Now I feel better.



November 4, 2009

And update, as of last week I’m a Google waver 😉

Too funny – Google Toolbar – Most Visited

most visited

I mostly use Firefox, and when I hit ctrl+T to open up a new window tab, I get the Google Toolbar window.  It now tells you which pages you visit most often and also notes the last few pages you’ve bookmarked.  Honestly, I’ve not really been paying any attention to it.  But today I stopped to read the page.

What’s funny is it abbreviated one of the pages I’d booked marked.  So I did a double take when it showed me that I’d bookmarked a page titled, “10 Great Tools for Tracking Men”…huh? I mean I’m single, but I’m not that desperate.  At least, not yet.


The page is actually titled 10 Great Tools for Tracking Mentions of Your Brand Across the Web.


Trolls Beware!

I started off blogging a few years ago. I was never a fan of being catty online unless I associated myself with it. If I’ve been critical, it was never difficult to realize it was me being critical. It’s always been pretty easy to associate my words, whether hard or soft, with me.

If you say it’s not easy to find me from this blog, please note my Twitter stream in the sidebar.  My Twitter stream is under my real name = easy.  Before that, I was pretty much the only black female student in a foreign graduate program in Seoul.  Again, I was easy to find even if I wrote using a pseudonym.

However, online we know a lot of people are not into transparency. There are tons of people who say some pretty horrible things online. Because of anonymity, they’re pretty much shielded from any negative consequences. In some situations, this can be a good thing: corporate or even government whistle-blowers.  It’s just that in most, the person isn’t saying controversial things to expose a wrong.  It’s usually just an angry person saying mean and nasty things and getting away with it.

Well, maybe not for much longer.

Google Hands Over “Skank” Blogger Info

Model-Cohen.gifOh goodness. Looks like we’re going to have to start minding our P’s and Q’s online.

Under court order, Google has just handed over the IP address of the user of Blogger (a Google service) who had posted some very unkind things about Vogue cover model Liskula Cohen on a blog called “Skanks in NYC,” including photo captions referring to her as the “Skankiest in NYC” and a “psychotic, lying, whoring … skank.”

Cohen had asked Google for the information, so she could sue the author for defamation. Google had refused, citing the company’s privacy policy (though it did take down the blog). Cohen’s attorney’s brought the matter to court. On Monday, a New York Supreme Court justice batted down the anonymous blogger’s contention that the bons mot were mere opinion and instead, according to the Guardian (UK), “found Cohen may insist in a suit that the statements are factually inaccurate.”

As Cohen’s attorney Steve Wagner told Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America today, the judge “balanced the first amendment rights with the rights of people to be protected from harmful, defamatory speech. It’s sending out a message that the Internet is no longer a safe harbor for defamatory language.”

It turns out that the perp is an acquaintance of Cohen’s, “an irrelevant person in my life,” Cohen told Sawyer. She’s already called the woman to tell her she forgives her but hasn’t ruled out a defamation suit. “Maybe if she apologizes…,” Cohen said.

Video report, including interview with Cohen, at Good Morning America.

We’ll see how this impacts blogs.  One fear I have is this will only be a weapon that can be used by those with money.  It takes having cash to be able to retain attorneys.  Average people don’t have those sorts of resources.  In that case, it’s only going to be a solution for the rich and that’s unfair because a David vs. Goliath situation can come up pretty fast.  However, let’s see how this develops and how it will impact other blogs.

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